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Chapter 313 - 313 Peak Legendary! Father and Son Duo! (1)

313 Peak Legendary! Father and Son Duo! (1)
“What’s wrong? Don’t be anxious. Tell me slowly.”

Lin Bei stood up and looked at the anxious Silver Moon. He asked, “You said that something happened in the Heavenly Canopy Realm? What exactly happened?”

“Almost half of the power of the Star Moon Tower has dissipated! In other words, almost half of the entire Heavenly Canopy Realm has been destroyed!”

Silver Moon said in a deep voice, “Looks like the Abyss has already launched a fierce attack! If I’m not wrong, it should be related to the defeat of Oka and the others previously. This time, they must have sacrificed a lot to attack the Heavenly Canopy Realm!”

“I see. I understand. Go ahead. Oh right, remember to bring him along.”

As Lin Bei spoke, he raised his hand and beckoned. A palm-sized puppet appeared in his hand. It was Oka, who he had refined into a puppet previously. However, he thought that it was inconvenient to carry the puppet around, so he shrunk the puppet and put it in his pocket.

“This is… Oka?”

“Ahem, he has already been refined into a puppet by me. In terms of realm, he’s considered advanced Legendary. However, with the Legendary equipment I equipped him with, he should be able to resist the peak of the Legendary stage for a short period of time.”

Lin Bei explained with a smile.

“Silver Moon, don’t worry. Although you’ve already stepped into the peak of the Legendary stage, don’t underestimate my strength!”

The palm-sized Oka said, “I’m very strong now!”

“He… can speak? His consciousness…”

“Hehe, he’s a living puppet. He has his own consciousness.”


Lin Bei explained, “This way, you don’t have to divert your attention to control him in battle. To put it bluntly, he’s not much different from ordinary Legendary existences. The only difference might be that his body and soul are assembled.”
“This… is unbelievable!”

Silver Moon’s face was filled with shock.

She had seen combat puppets before, but she had never seen someone like Oka who had a complete consciousness and had reached the high-level Legendary stage!

“Alright, bring him along. After all, your opponent is the Abyss race. He should know something.”

Lin Bei casually threw Oka on the ground. With a flash of light, Oka returned to his original appearance.

“That’s right. With me around, those bastards won’t be able to cause any trouble!”

Oka smiled proudly. “Moreover, there’s the equipment Master gave me. The two of us are enough!”

Lin Bei thought for a moment and said, “After all, their strength has increased, but their actual combat experience is still lacking. You guys can go together.”

“Yes! I promise to complete my mission!”

Oka said excitedly.

This was his first mission after joining with Lin Bei. He had to complete it perfectly!

There were a total of 300 people in Team Abyss Conquerers.

After two days of comprehension and cultivation, their strength had already improved significantly.

More than a hundred of them had reached the peak of the initial-stage Legendary, and the rest had all stepped into the middle level of the initial-stage Legendary. They were much stronger than before.

Although there was still a gap between them and the intermediate Legendary stage, with their Legendary equipment, they were not weak in battle.

Bringing them there was a good opportunity to hone their combat experience.

Otherwise, no matter how high their cultivation realm was, it would only be a show.

After sending Silver Moon and the others off, Lin Bei opened the Dao Comprehension interface. Now, his Power of Devouring’s Dao Law realm had finally broken through to the “Full Mastery Stage”. The speed at which he refined divinity items was about 20 times faster than before.

The Divinity Gemstone that originally required 100 hours to refine could be completed in five hours.

“Not bad. If it can be combined with the hundredfold increase effect of the Profound Heaven Spirit Gathering Array, it will be even more terrifying.”

Lin Bei muttered, but the smile on his face did not fade. “Looks like I have to work harder.”

“Since I’m free now, I’ll return to the Spirit Sword Domain.”

Thinking that he still had many lucky draw opportunities that he had not used, Lin Bei did not stay any longer. He used the Ancient Token of the Sword Tomb and teleported to the Spirit Sword Domain in the Sword Tomb Mystic Realm.

On the other side, Silver Moon and Oka brought 300 members of Team Abyss Conquerers to the Heavenly Canopy Realm through the teleportation passageway.

At this moment, in the Heavenly Canopy Realm, the Star Moon Tower in the core area was already dilapidated. The body of the tower was tilted, as if it would collapse at any moment.

In the entire Heavenly Canopy Realm, the sky had already turned pure black. Space cracks spread everywhere. If one was not careful and fell into it, one would be shattered into pieces.


A loud bang sounded in the world. Then, a city collapsed and was razed to the ground.

“That’s Dongyue City! One of the ten main cities of the Heavenly Canopy Realm! Damn it!”

Silver Moon gritted her teeth. “Everyone, follow me! The Heavenly Canopy Realm… can’t suffer any more losses! Otherwise, even if we have the Life Seed, it will be very difficult to recover!”

Silver Moon flew in the air. The others followed closely behind and tore through the air towards the ruins of Dongyue City.

“Hahahaha! Ants from the Bright Realm! I’ll let you see what true terror is!”

A wild laugh came from the sky. At the same time, a violent aura swept through the world, causing Silver Moon and the others’ expressions to darken.

This… was the aura of a peak Legendary!

“This voice… Why does it sound a little familiar?”

Oka, who was flying behind Silver Moon, had a strange expression. As if he had thought of something, his expression changed and he muttered, “No way?”

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