Chapter 215: Calling You Sister-in-law

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After coaxing Su Fei, Su Lin rushed back to his bedroom. He had no choice. If he continued to stay with Su Fei, he might not be able to control himself.

However, as soon as he entered the room, he saw Su Zhen sitting in the house with a serious expression.

Su Zhen’s cold gaze landed on Su Lin’s lower body. Su Lin hurriedly covered the obvious bulge awkwardly and forced a smile as he asked, “Dad, why are you here?”

“What did you do just now?” Su Zhen’s tone was filled with suppressed anger.

“I… I went to see how Feifei’s injuries are,” Su Lin said truthfully with his head lowered.

Su Zhen was about to explode from anger. Why did he have such a son who only thought about women? “Didn’t I tell you that you’re the future head of the

Su Family? You can have any woman you want. Why do you have to keep an eye on Su Fei?”

Su Lin said indignantly, “Dad, haven’t you already announced my relationship with Feifei? Feifei is my child bride. What’s wrong with me being with her?”

Su Zhen was so angry that he grabbed the ashtray at the side and threw it at Su Lin’s feet. “I was just expedient. If I didn’t say that, you and Su Fei would have been completely infamous. Let me tell you, Su Fei will never be the future mistress of our Su Family. Give up.”

“Dad? You’ve already said it. If you go back on your word now, won’t you be a joke?” When Su Lin heard that Su Zhen was going back on his word, he instantly became anxious.

“Su Lin, remember this. The future mistress of the Su Family must be a young lady from a prestigious family. She must be able to bring benefits to the Su Family. Therefore, you can only climb up the ranks and not be so lowly as to marry a b*stard who has nothing.” Su Zhen’s cold eyes stared fixedly at Su Lin.

The Su Family was his everything. He would not allow Su Fei to ruin all his efforts.

“Dad, but I really like Su Fei. I want to be with her,” Su Lin said unwillingly.

Su Zhen felt that the veins on his forehead were bulging from Su Lin’s anger. “If you like her, you can secretly support her. I don’t object. I’m here to make it clear to you today. Be quiet during this period of time. After this matter is over, I’ll send Su Fei away. You can support her wherever you want, but you’re not allowed to go public, understand?”

“Dad, this is too unfair to Su Fei!” Su Lin said indignantly.

“You can ignore me and bring Su Fei out to show off, but let me tell you, if you make me angry, I’ll take Su Fei out to give her away now. What do you think about continuing to give her to Ma De? I’ll do a virginity test on Su Fei. I think

Ma De will change his mind. He might even revoke the measures against our Su Family,” Su Zhen threatened.

Su Lin’s eyes trembled violently. Last time, because he couldn’t bear to give Su Fei away, the bodyguards lied that Su Fei was no longer a virgin. However, if they had proof and sent her over, Su Fei would definitely not be able to escape.

Su Lin clenched his fists tightly. In the end, he lowered his head and said, “Dad, I understand. I’ll do as you say.”

Seeing that the stubborn Su Lin finally lowered his head, Su Zhen’s anger dissipated by more than half. If it made sense to him, it meant that there was still hope.

Su Zhen stood up and patted Su Lin’s shoulder. “A man’s attention still has to be on business. With money and power, you won’t lack women.”

After Su Zhen left, he had other thoughts.

Su Lin was hot-blooded now and there were not many suitable girls around him. It was inevitable that he would not be able to control them. It seemed like as a father, he had to teach Su Lin more about control in this aspect.

The holidays passed quickly. Early in the morning, Lin Yin saw Su Fei with neat makeup and the corners of her lips curled up slightly. She had thought that Su Fei would be too ashamed to go to school after being demoted from an adopted daughter to a child bride. She did not expect Su Fei to be so resistant to pressure.

“Good morning, Sister!” Su Fei greeted Lin Yin as if nothing had happened.

Lin Yin chuckled. “There’s something strange about you calling me Sister. After all, you’re Brother’s child bride. Logically speaking, you should call me Sister. I should call you Sister-in-law.”

Lin Yin’s words accurately hit Su Fei’s psychological defense. Su Fei’s expression instantly turned ugly.

Now that there was no one else around her, Su Fei did not want to have a direct conflict with Lin Yin. She could only smile awkwardly and say, “Sister, you must be joking. It’s hard to say what will happen in the future. We’ll change the way we address each other when we have the chance in the future..”

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