Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 2136 First On The Primordial Leaderboard, It’s Him, Everyone's Reaction

Somewhere in the Great Hongmeng Universe, a man with white hair stood high on a mountain peak.

He wielded a broken weapon, looking frosty as he stared at the Primordial Leaderboard in the sky.

He looked at the last empty spot on the leaderboard and grinned.

"Will it be you? No, it has to be you!"

Back in the Holy Radiant Church, the Radiant Goddess felt extremely nervous as she looked at the empty first place on the Primordial Leaderboard.

"Could it be the Child of Light?"

Logically speaking, Chu Kuangren made it through the Hongmeng Primordial Tribulation, so he should be ranked high on the leaderboard.

However, his name had yet to appear.

Although the Radiant Goddess was pretty surprised that he could make it on the leaderboard, she was unsure if Chu Kuangren got the first place on the leaderboard.

In fact, not only the Radiant Goddess but even the Apocalypse Martial Ruler was nervous.

He stared at the last spot on the leaderboard with a hint of anticipation. "Please don't let it be Chu Kuangren. Please. He has just ascended to the Primordial Realm a while ago. How could he be in the first place? It can't be him!"

He tried his best to comfort himself.

All eyes in the Great Hongmeng Universe were on the Primordial Leaderboard.

Tianshen Chang of the Celestial Divine Tribe stared at the leaderboard, wondering who snatched the first place from him.

"It's here!" someone screamed.

The first place on the Primordial Leaderboard had finally appeared.

First place was Chu Kuangren from the Pan Gu Universe.

The entire Great Hongmeng Universe was shocked.

The majority of cultivators had not heard of the name before, but Pan Gu Universe was a familiar term.

The universe had produced many talented cultivators who were ranked on the Primordial Leaderboard. Now, three of the top ten were from the same universe, including the first place.

That fact alone was shocking.

"Chu Kuangren? Who is that?"

"The Pan Gu Universe is freaky! How did it produce so many Primordials that are ranked so high on the leaderboard? That is sick!"

"Someone, go find out about the Pan Gu Universe!"

"Tsk, tsk. Chu Kuangren. This name is now famous in the Great Hongmeng Universe."


A burst of intense killing intent erupted from the Apocalypse Martial Ruler. He looked grim as he grunted. "It's him!"

Despite having a hunch that it would be Chu Kuangren, he could not hold back his anger.

Meanwhile, at the Heavenly Formation Palace, the Formation King sighed as well.


The Radiant Goddess in the Holy Radiant Church smiled brightly at the result. "Child of Light, you did not let me down."

Ming Fei nodded. "Now, the Apocalypse Martial Ruler and Formation King can no longer target him. Goddess, you don't need to go to war with them anymore."

Ming Fei did not care about Chu Kuangren's ranking on the leaderboard. All she cared about was the Goddess winning the bet against the Apocalypse Martial Ruler and the Formation King.

With that, she would not have to take the risk to start a war with them.

"Haha, it really is Master!"

Lan Yu, who was cultivating somewhere in the Holy Radiant Church, smiled when she saw the name on the leaderboard. She was not too surprised.

On the contrary, seeing the name ignited her determination and boosted her morale. "Since Master has ranked first, I should work harder on my cultivation."

In the Elder Dragon Tribe's territory, Elder Dragon Chengtao stared at the name on the leaderboard with a grim look. He grunted and said, "Chu Kuangren, I'll remember you."

"My son, don't feel bad. The leaderboard is not that important. It can change. As long as you grow stronger, the rankings will change."

"I understand."

In the Celestial Divine Tribe, Tianshen Chang narrowed his ice-cold eyes.

"Pan Gu Universe, Chu Kuangren… You and I will face each other one day. I look forward to that day," he said with a grunt.

He might not be the first, but he did not give up. He swore to become stronger and snatch the first place from Chu Kuangren. After all, such cases had happened before in the previous eras.

In a pure land surrounded by Buddhist Light, Cundi and Receiva were looking at the Primordial Leaderboard as well.

When the first place was announced, they exchanged a concerned look and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

"He's always under the spotlight wherever he goes."I think you should take a look at

"You're right. It has only been a while since he arrived, and out of everyone in the Infiniverse, he is ranked first on the Primordial Leaderboard. I believe he's even more talented than Hong Jun."

"Why isn't the Supreme Clarity on the leaderboard?"

"Maybe he is already in the Grand Dao Realm."

The two pondered for a while before continuing their cultivation.

They had to become stronger because they had beef with Chu Kuangren. Now that Chu Kuangren was ranked first on the Primordial Leaderboard, they felt pressured.

On a certain mountain peak, the West Matriarch Ruler chuckled at the Primordial Leaderboard.

"Interesting. There are quite a number of us from the Pan Gu Universe. There are even three in the top ten. They're going to attract a lot of attention."

"Honorable teacher, what should we do?" Yu Zhi asked.

"What else can we do? Cultivate harder and become stronger. With enough power, you can handle all the unforeseen circumstances that go your way."

The West Matriarch Ruler smiled at Yu Zhi and asked, "You should be more hardworking. Look at Lan Yu, she's on the leaderboard. You're no weaker than her, but you lack the competitive nature. This will slow you down."

"In terms of talent, I'm not as talented as Miss Lan Yu," Yu Zhi said with a smile. She did not want to compare herself to Lan Yu either.

"Since Chu Kuangren is ranked first, he will definitely face many challenges in the future. As I recall, you are one of the Black Heaven Nine Stars. Are you sure you want to continue your leisure way?"

The West Matriarch Ruler yawned as she ridiculed.

"I… I will work harder." Yu Zhi nodded.

Her honorable teacher's words ignited her dormant competitive spirit.

"Chu Kuangren, you really are the center of attention wherever you go."

In a dark demonic land, Luo Hou wielded his black spear as he stood on a mountain of bones.

His demonic qi surged, releasing a terrifying aura.

He felt pressured when he saw the name on the leaderboard.

Compared to Cundi and Receiva, he had a stronger disagreement with Chu Kuangren.

Should he run into Chu Kuangren, he would be in danger.

"Not only Chu Kuangren, but even Armament Destruction is above me, ranking third. I can't underestimate him anymore," Luo Hou thought to himself.

Suddenly, he sensed something. He stared into the distant sky, and a fierce blazing flame burned the horizon.

From there, a white-haired figure emerged, carrying a strange-looking weapon as he approached Luo Hou.

"Got you."

Armament Destruction looked at Luo Hou with intense killing intent.

"It's you again!"

Luo Hou reacted grimly to Armament Destruction's arrival.

He had encountered Armament Destruction multiple times over the years, and each encounter escalated into a fierce battle.

They seemed to have established a rival relationship.

"No words are needed. Can you escape from me this time?" Armament Destruction said as he swung his weapon forward.

Then, his vast Primordial energy gushed forward.

Luo Hou's spear vibrated as it released boundless demonic qi.

When the two energies clashed, Armament Destruction did not even flinch, but Luo Hou was pushed back.

"This is bad."

Luo Hou frowned.

The difference in strength between them remained huge.

Armament Destruction was ranked third, while Luo Hou ranked fifty-first.

Armament Destruction was much stronger than him.

"I have to leave."

Luo Hou pretended to fight Armament Destruction, but he secretly used his Supreme Treasure, transforming him into a stream of black light that disappeared into the horizon.

Armament Destruction grunted. "The Demonic Forefather fleeing a battle over and over again. Are you not ashamed?"

He pursued Luo Hou but lost his target after a few million kilometers.

"He escaped again…"

Armament Destruction shook his head helplessly.


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