Necromancer Of The Shadows

Chapter 590 Beginning Of The End (Part 3)

Chapter 590 Beginning Of The End (Part 3)

Not far from the city of Ravenhurst, a similar massive formation that summoned demons in Silverwind Town covered the entire Emberfall Town. The formation sucked the life force of all five hundred thousand people living in the town and their bodies turned into dry husks just like the people of Silverwind Town.

The number of people living in Emberfall Town was much greater than the number of people living in Silverwind Town, so the number of demons summoned after all the people were sacrificed was much greater than the number of demons in Silverwind Town.

In Emberfall Town, there were five S rank demons, eighty A+ rank demons, one thousand A rank demons and ten thousand B+ rank demons.

Sera looked at the demons that were summoned by her after sacrificing the entire town and a crazed smile appeared on her face.

She looked at the back of Emberfall Town and saw an army of nearly one million monsters. Among the one million monsters there were two S rank monsters and nearly one hundred A and A+ rank monsters.

She held the triangular shaped token in her hand and infused her mana into it to give a command to all the demons.

"Move towards the southwest. Today we will destroy the Ravenhurst City."

Hearing Sera's command, all the demons started to laugh crazily. The favourite thing for demons was to kill people and spread chaos so hearing that they were going to destroy a City, the blood of all the demons started to boil.

Thump! Thump!

The sound of thundering footsteps filled the entire wilderness and the area of hundreds of kilometres started to shake as the army of Demons started to move towards the Ravenhurst City.

Seeing the Demons were moving towards the Ravenhurst City without making things difficult for her, Sera sighed in relief and ordered the army of monsters that was at the back of Emberfall Town to follow after them.


The same thing was happening in Oklima Town that had happened in Silverwind Town and Emberfall Town.

The giant formation was glowing with crimson red colour and all the people of the Oklima Town were dead.

The population of Oklima Town was a little higher than Emberfall Town, but the number of demons that were summoned there were nearly the same. The only difference was that instead of ten thousand B+ rank demons, there were twelve thousand B+ rank demons in Oklima Town.

Damian looked at menacing Demons that he had summoned and gulped down his saliva. Although he knew they would not do anything to him as long as he didn't provoke them, he was still feeling uneasy looking at them.

The five S rank demons who were summoned by Damian looked at him and sneers appeared on their faces. All five of them could feel that Damian was afraid of them. If not because of the contract, they would have already started torturing him.

Damian took a few deep breaths to calm down and infused his mana into the token.

After infusing the mana, just like Sera, he also ordered Demons to move towards Astarte City.

Just like the Demons of Emberfall Town, all the Demons that Damian summoned became enthusiastic after hearing they were going to kill the people and destroy the city.

Thump! Thump! - - -

The thundering sound of footsteps resounded throughout the wilderness near Oklima Town, and the army of Demons started to move towards Astarte City.

After the demons started to move, Damian looked towards the sky and nodded towards the Sonic Bat who was hovering above him.

When Sonic Bat received Damian's signal, he flew out of Oklima Town and soon brought an army of more than eight hundred thousand monsters with him.

Damian finally smiled upon seeing the army of monsters and along with them followed after the army of Demons.


Ironspire Town, not far away from the Central City...

Ironspire Town is the biggest town among the towns that are around the Central City.

Currently, a formation that was a little different from the formations that were used to summon the Demons in other towns was covering Ironspire Town.

Nate was standing at the edge of the town and was looking at the formation that was glowing in an eerie dark red colour without any expression on his face.

The population of the Ironspire Town was around one million, far greater than the other towns and because of the formation, all the people of the town were already dead.

"It's a pity that even though we cleared so many dungeons and searched all over Arora world during the past few years, we were only able to gather enough materials to build this single formation," Nate muttered as he watched the bodies of more than one million people turn into dust and scattered into the surrounding.

As the bodies of the people scattered in the surroundings, the space barrier around the Ironspire Town turned extremely weak.

Suddenly, the giant formation that was covering the town shined brightly. The light coming from the formation was so intense that Nate was forced to close his eyes.


As Nate closed his eyes, the ground beneath his feet started to shake.


Soon the tremors spread in all directions and the ground in the area of hundreds of kilometers started to shake.

Crack... Crack...

Cracks started to appear all over the formation that was covering the town and a portal that was five metres wide opened in the middle of Ironspire town.

Nate was about to fly up because of the tremors when suddenly a world shaking aura came out of the portal.


Just by feeling the aura, Nate was forced to drop to his knees. It became hard for him to breathe and his entire body started to shake.

He lifted his head with difficulty and looked in the direction of the portal. When he looked at the portal, he saw a one and a half meter tall demon coming out of it.

The demon that came out had a face similar to an octopus and the rest of his body was looking like a human child.

The aura that was coming out from the Demon was beyond the S rank and spatial cracks were appearing around him just because of his sheer presence.

Although Nate was on his knees and was feeling suffocated, he still started to laugh like a maniac after seeing the demon.

"Let's see who can stop us now."


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