Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1651 The Loving Couple From 20 Years Ago

"We can't take down a group of people in one go. Jing'an is quite good." Qin Xian smiled.

Madam Qin's expression softened a little. "Xia Jingan looks alright, but I don't believe that Yin Lianyi's grandson is a good person!"

"Be careful not to cause trouble with your mouth!" Qin Xian covered Madam Qin's mouth and said in a low voice, "Don't forget Xi Xi. Her identity is…"

Madam Qin had a look of disdain. "Don't confuse our Xi Xi with those wolf cubs from the capital's Xia family. They're disgusting!"

Qin Xian shook his head helplessly. "Alright, alright! You're right!"

"Qin An, why are you still standing there? Hurry up and pick Xi Xi up!" Madam Qin was in a better mood now.

Qin An's expression froze for a moment. "I'll go right away."

Seeing Qin An leave, Madam Qin said in a low voice, "Have you told Shuwan?"

"Yes. Back then, the Shu and Situ families declined together, and those people weren't kind people either. I had no choice but to adopt Shuwan and let her call us 'Dad' and 'Mom'. But now that she's an adult, we shouldn't stop her from investigating the Shu family."

"I'm just afraid that she'll be rash and cause trouble!"

"Shuwan has always been sensible. She grew up by our side. You should believe her. She deliberately didn't attend the banquet because she was afraid that the Xia family would recognize her when they came."

"But even if she can hide for a while, she can't hide for the rest of her life!" Madam Qin looked worried. "Those people are too detestable. If it weren't for them seeking personal gain, those families wouldn't have been ruined and ended up like this!"

The Qin family was famous in the capital. Although they were not a top family, they were still considered a century-old noble family. Now that they were in Li City, the entire city was celebrating. There were many guests, but everyone was curious why the eldest daughter of the Qin family, Qin Shuwan, did not appear, making those young masters a little disappointed.

Qiao Xi arrived at the event location half an hour in advance and went to the inner residence to give Madam Qin a gift.

As soon as she entered, she realized that Madam Qin had a serious expression and looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated. She hurriedly asked, "Godmom, it's your birthday today. Why are you unhappy?"

"Xi Xi, did Old Madam Yin tell you about the capital?" Madam Qin looked at Qiao Xi in front of her and felt a little sad. She treated Xi Xi and Shuwan as her biological daughters. She did not want the two children to forget their ancestry and their family members who risked their lives to protect them, but she also did not want them to be sad about their past.

She wanted Xi Xi and Shuwan to live happily instead of living in hatred.

Qiao Xi said calmly, "You want to talk about the capital's Xia Corporation and Yin Lianyi?"

Madam Qin's heart instantly rose, but after hearing what Yin Lianxin said from Qiao Xi, she was relieved. Fortunately, Old Madam Yin did not tell her everything and only let her know a portion of it. She would not tell Qiao Xi about her most hated past for the time being.

"An uninvited guest came today. She's the adopted daughter of the Xia family and Yin Lianyi's precious granddaughter. Her name is Xia Chunyu. Your grandmother and Yin Lianyi are like fire and water. Yin Lianyi naturally hates you, so Xia Chunyu must have ill intentions. You have to be careful."

Qiao Xi's eyes sank. The eldest daughter of the capital's Xia Corporation?

She was not afraid of anyone. She was just afraid of ruining her godmother's birthday party.

Madam Qin hurriedly said, "After the banquet begins, I'll tell you which one is Xia Chunyu. You don't have to deliberately hide. You just have to try your best to avoid contact with her."

Qiao Xi nodded obediently. "I understand."

The banquet officially began. Madam Qin pointed at Xia Chunyu and gave Qiao Xi a few reminders. Qiao Xi remembered everything.

Right on the heels of that, Qin Xian held Madam Qin's arm and went on stage. The two of them had been in love for many years, so the guests were extremely envious. "It's rare to see such a loving couple in a noble family! I'm really envious of Mr. Qin and Madam Qin!"

"That's right! Just look at their son, Qin An. I can tell that the couple has a good relationship. I heard that Qin An's medical skills are outstanding at such a young age. He doesn't fool around and has a gentle temperament. Whoever marries him will be blessed!"

"Speaking of loving couples, I'm reminded of the rich couple from 20 years ago. That's true love. I remember that the man's surname is Si, and the woman's surname is Xia. Unfortunately, the woman died early in the end, and the man's whereabouts are unknown!"

When everyone heard this, they fell silent. A trace of viciousness flashed past Xia Chunyu's eyes. She knew who the woman they were talking about was. It was that b*tch, Xia Yunqiu!

She had heard from her grandmother since she was young that her mother committed suicide because Xia Yunqiu stole her lover, so she jumped into the river to commit suicide in a fit of anger. Not only did Xia Yunqiu, the mistress, not feel guilty at all, but she even gave birth to a daughter!

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