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Chapter 3370 - 3370 Blazing Star Fern thorn (2)

3370 Blazing Star Fern thorn (2)

Xia ruofei and Ling Qingxue were standing at a safe distance, so they did not move an inch. They just stood there and watched the show.

Of course, Xia ruofei was also constantly forming hand seals to control the formation carefully. At the same time, he was paying close attention to the operation of the formation and the consumption of energy.

In this situation where the power of the formation was squeezed to the extreme, the consumption was quite large. The energy in the ten crystals was rapidly flowing away. It was a few times faster than when Xia ruofei was cultivating.

Xia ruofei was not stingy with his crystals and kept the array running at its highest intensity.

The thorns that burst out could not do anything to the invisible and shapeless flames.

Moreover, after those thorns shot into the ring of flames, the star Fern thorn immediately retracted them. However, there were already a portion of thorns that had failed to be retracted, most likely burned by the ring of flames.

Xia ruofei was relieved to see this.

It seemed that he had made the right choice. These star Fern thorns had not broken away from their nature as plants, and fire was clearly their natural enemy.

Xia ruofei formed a hand seal, and the ring of flames compressed further.

The star Fern spikes all burst out madly, but other than attacking with spikes, they could only dance on the spot, but they couldn’t form an effective way to deal with the flames.

Finally, the ring – shaped flame extended to the outermost ring of the star Fern thorn ring.

The outermost ring of star Fern thorns and the flames began to come into direct contact.

The star Fern’s thorns danced even more wildly, and the thorns completely burst out, but they still couldn’t stop the flames.

When the flame touched the outermost star Fern thorn, a burst of crackling sounds came, and the vines of these star Fern thorns were ignited at once.

With a boom, the star Fern thorn itself seemed to be the best ignition agent, and after it was ignited, the flame was almost twice as fierce as before.

Xia ruofei was overjoyed. He further urged the formation to compress.

Perhaps the ordinary flames of the secular world would not cause any harm to the star Fern thorn, but the flames produced by this fire array had become a talisman that urged them to die.

The ring – shaped flame did not meet any resistance in front of the star Fern thorn. It pushed forward like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. More and more star Fern thorns were set on fire. Crackling sounds could be heard without end, and thick smoke kept rising. It was to the point that Xia ruofei and Ling Qingxue could no longer see the situation inside clearly. They could only release their spiritual power to investigate.

To Xia ruofei, he didn’t need to do anything after the formation was set up. But to the star Fern thorn ring, this was a disaster.

The ring – shaped flame burned for about 15 minutes. Xia ruofei’s spiritual power could sense that the inside was empty. Obviously, the ring – shaped flame had burned to the innermost layer of the star Fern thorn ring.

Xia ruofei immediately changed his hand seal and controlled the ring of flames to stop extending further. At the same time, he continued to burn with the highest power and launched a destructive attack on the star Fern thorn ring that was already completely covered in the ring of flames.

Ling Qingxue was stunned by the spectacular scene in front of her. She held Xia ruofei’s hand tightly and could not believe her eyes.

When Xia ruofei was setting up the array, she had seen it with her own eyes. There were only some simple jade stones, array talismans, and a few array flags. The most valuable thing was ten origin crystals. But once the array was formed, it could explode with such a great power. It was simply too terrifying.

The ring – shaped flame continued to burn for another ten minutes. Xia ruofei’s spiritual power detected that the star Fern thorn that was completely submerged in the flames had been burned to death. There was not a single trace of life left.

Xia ruofei then changed his hand seal. Instantly, the ring of flame started to become smaller and eventually extinguished.

The thick smoke gradually dispersed, and the situation in the bonfire was finally revealed to Xia ruofei and Ling Qingxue.

The two of them looked at everything in front of them, their hearts incomparably shocked.

All the star Fern thorns remained the same as when they were shooting out the thorns, but they had completely turned white. There were many more thorns on the ground that were also white.

After the flames were extinguished, there was not even a trace of smoke in the entire fire field. It could be seen how thoroughly the fire had burned.

Xia ruofei waved his hand and a wave of vital Qi was released from his hand, bringing with it a strong wind.

Following that, the star Fern thorn belt that was still in an attacking position in the fire field was turned into ashes when the strong wind blew past. The entire star Fern thorn belt collapsed like dominoes, extending to the ring at the far end.

Similarly, the thorns on the ground were also burned to white.

A white ring with a diameter of about one kilometer appeared on the ground.

This was really burned to the point where not even a single residue was left!

Xia ruofei waved his palm again, and the white ring in front of them suddenly opened up a path.

Xia ruofei smiled as he held Ling Qingxue’s hand and said,””Done! Wife, let’s go and receive our reward!”

The ground that had been scorched by the Super flames was still very hot. Even though Xia ruofei had flown over with Ling Qingxue on his flying sword, he could still feel the waves of heat from the ground.

However, Xia ruofei only needed to release a little of his vital Qi to easily isolate the heat waves.

Without the obstruction of the star Fern thorn ring, Xia ruofei easily brought Ling Qingxue to the spot of light on the perceptual mirror map on his flying sword.

Actually, this spot of light was located in the center of the star Fern thorny ring belt. After Xia ruofei and Ling Qingxue entered the star Fern thorny ring belt, they found the place immediately.

Because it was very conspicuous.

Xia ruofei and Ling Qingxue had just entered the inner part of the star Fern thorn ring when four stone pillars slowly rose from this place. It was hard for them not to notice.

Xia ruofei jumped off the qushuang flying sword with Ling Qingxue and walked to the stone pillar that was about four feet tall.

At the top of the first stone pillar, there was a groove that was exactly the same size as the energy storage Pearl.

Clearly, this was used to upgrade the elemental storage Pearl.

At the top of the second stone pillar was an ancient – looking storage ring. Xia ruofei picked up the storage ring and used his spiritual power to check it. He realized that it was ownerless.

To be more precise, the owner of the storage ring must have erased his spiritual force imprint after storing the items.

Xia ruofei easily recognized the storage ring as his master and checked through it. There were indeed 1000 crystals in it and nothing else.

Xia ruofei couldn’t help but feel speechless. This was a bit too generous. Just to give out a reward, they gave him a storage ring.

In the cultivation world on earth where resources were scarce, a storage ring was extremely precious. Even the poorer golden core cultivators might not even have one. As for Qi condensation cultivators, it could be said that there were very few who had storage rings like Ling Qingxue and Song Wei.

Xia ruofei took out all the crystals in the ring and transferred them into the spirit map space. Then, he wiped away his spiritual imprint and handed the storage ring to Ling Qingxue. He smiled and said,””This is an extra gift, you can keep it!”

Ling Qingxue quickly declined,”I don’t want to!” I don’t want to! I already have a storage ring, there’s no point in me keeping it! And if Wei Wei finds out ...”

“Wei Wei wouldn’t be so petty!” Xia ruofei said with a smile.

“That won’t do either! Weiwei ...”Ling Qingxue’s eyes suddenly lit up as she took the storage ring from Xia ruofei’s hands. She smiled and said,” I know what to do! I’ll give this storage ring to uncle song when I get back! Didn’t he already start cultivating? He’ll be able to use it!”


Xia ruofei was slightly stunned, then he smiled and said,””That’s a good idea! But I’ve already given you the storage ring, so you can do whatever you want with it!”

Ling Qingxue chuckled and said,”I didn’t expect you to be so meticulous!” You’re deliberately leaving me to be the good guy, right?”

Xia ruofei laughed and said,”there’s no need for us to separate!” It’s the same even if you give it to me, right?”

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