A fourth vine then a fifth vine appeared, and shortly later another vine appeared.

Normally from normal people's naked eyes, they couldn't tell how long each vine was, but Alex was different, to him they were over 1,000 meters long. Each vine had a black purplish color and had a diameter of 20 cm. They were all extremely tough. Even existences surpassing the Master level can't do anything against them, maybe only powerful Demigods could hope to achieve something and even this would be extremely difficult Alex thought.

The six vines crazily danced in the air on the misty island. The golden-masked man barely dodged each of their attacks.

Under the attacks of the six black purplish vines, the extremely tiny golden-masked man instantly transformed into a white light. He was extremely fast and virtually instantly escaped the area where the six vines were attacking.

It was what Alex thought and the man as well but just as he was about to completely get out of the range of the misty island another vine appeared, this one was smaller than the other six but fast, it was so fast that it the blink of an eye it caught up with the fleeing man before wrapping around him.

The man found to his horror his inability to muster any strength, he was completely helpless against this vine as he got dragged back onto the misty island, he knew death was the only outcome.


That was the last cry he would emit before getting crushed.

Alex felt a shiver down his spine and immediately stepped across space and vanished.

A few minutes later Alex reappeared two hundred kilometers away from the Misty Island. He was gasping for breath and sweat was dripping from his forehead.

''Damn, what all was that thing?"

Silveria hurriedly turned into her human form. She supported him by patting his back to relieve him from his shock.

''I guess it's a powerful monster, you can call it the original final Boss of the Infinity Maze as well as the final treasure on the Misty Island,'' Silveria explained through her observation and deduction.

Alex nodded, thinking deeply about what Silveria had just shared.

It was then he heard Nyx's unexpected words.

〖It is exactly as my sister said, you'll need to fight this thing later and conquer it, it will make good armor and can be used together with your black chain Eterna.〗

She seemed to have understood more than her sister and from what Alex could infer using these two pieces of information, this thing must be a control type like Eterna, he could even use it as armor. He was looking forward to this.

Talking about Eterna, Alex seemed to have completely forgotten about this second Gift of his, and as if he was waiting for this, Eterna's voice reached him.

[Bad father, you have forgotten about me.]

Feeling guilty to not have used him in a while Alex hung his head and could only apologize.

''I'm sorry, I'll make up for you later I promise.''

[I know, I'm just playing with you. I was busy as well, I kept stealing some of Exp to strengthen myself and grow to help you, and as that scary Big sister has said the Cloudy Vine can help you and I can help you subdue it later. It's a growth-type armor, upon acquiring it you won't need any other armor and together we can bring you unexpected surprises.]

''What?" Alex was shocked, his mouth hanging open so wide you could shove a big egg into it.

Silveria and Nyx weren't surprised by Eterna's explanation, no they purposely led the conversation this way, their previous explanation was all to force that lazy child who knows nothing other than stuffing himself and lazing around to finally act. They have been too lenient on him.

Eterna who was previously planning to laze around until he grew to a certain extent received a warning from Silveria, if it was previously he wouldn't have been too scared of her but after undergoing an evolution and becoming complete, Silveria has become scary enough for Eterna not to take her seriously anymore and lastly but not least he received Nyx's warning as well and even if he got ten lives he would never mess with someone of Nyx's caliber, she is too dangerous after, more dangerous than his creator, so finally Eterna was forced out of his slumber, no laziness.

Having no idea of what was happening in the dark Alex was confused about how his second Gift knew so much and his confusion was transmitted to Eterna.

[Well, it is as I've said. You'll understand more later Father. Woah! I'm tired, I'll be leaving I have something else to do, I mean I must rest to finish my evolution.] Eterna leaves those words as if escaping and shutting himselfdown.

''Wait you little punk!" Alex tried to reach him in order to squeeze out as much information as he could but Eterna didn't reply much to Alex's dissatisfaction.

''Seriously this punk, I swear I'll spank him later.'' Alex secretly vowed, clenching his fists.I think you should take a look at


Suddenly, he heard the sound of someone giggling, and turned out it was Silveria giggling.

''What's so funny?" Alex raised an eyebrow.

Silveria trying to hold back her laughter couldn't, she burst out laughing.

''Pfft hahaha, you look like a father who lost in an argument against his son, you seemed frustrated, hahaha, your expression back then was a sight to behold.''

''Tch! Wait till I catch him you'll see. Who lost? I haven't it's just that I have something else to do.''

Alex's response sounds like your typical sore loser's reply, this made Silveria laugh even more.

''It feels so great to watch you being played with.''

''Fufufu! Seriously it feels so refreshing seeing you lose your composure sometime like this.''

Alex ignored Silveria's comment and began to search for a good place to camp for the night. Tomorrow they have to continue, they must reach the final destination, the Bahamut inside the castle.

Silveria followed behind Alex and kept pestering him, although annoyed Alex ignored her and let her have her fun, the revenge would be sweet, and he would make sure to show her later on the bed who was the master, thinking of this Alex smiled, his smile was evil.

Unconsciously Silveria stopped at that moment as if she knew something bad would happen if she were to continue pestering him.

Silence returned until they found a nice spot and deployed their tent, dinner was a barbecue Nyx shared with them much to Alex's joy.

After dinner Nyx left like usual, Silveria didn't leave she decided to share Alex's company, to accompany him a little before going to her inner world. Something Alex greatly appreciated, they shared a sweet and romantic moment.


At the same time in a newly formed world, inside a forest.

The forest was far-reaching, luminous, and primal. Its canopy was contested by holly, hazel, and rhododendron, their crowns allowed for short beams of light to descend for a medley of sprouts to burst from the branch and twig-laden ground below.

Thick branches waved from every tree, and a variety of flowers, which were found in the most quiet places, spruced up the otherwise monotonous lower level.

A clamor of wild sounds, belonging mostly to foraging beasts, echoed in the air and added to the sounds of the splashing of fish in a nearby lake. Still, overall this forest could be considered to be a relatively peaceful forest.

The sky began changing its hue. The eternal scarlet sky over the world transformed and eroded as the colors of hell vanished gradually. The shimmering radiance of the starry sky once again enveloped the sky, connecting to the distant darkness under this place's guidance. The clouds slowly dissipated, exposing the bright, lustrous moon that illuminated the land from above.

The bright, full moon enveloping half the night sky splashed on the pitch-black ground with its illumination. The outlines of the leaves in the forest were visible, but all of a sudden, a series of animal howls broke out throughout the tranquil forest. Countless, startled birds woke up from their slumber, flapped their wings, and soared into the sky fearfully to escape the close-approaching death, as well as the holder of the death aura which was none other than a boy around the age of 10, handsome face coupled with short dark hair and matching black eyes like that of the abyss.

Eterna was chasing after something. He who told Alex he was resting was in fact chasing after something, a prey who had escaped when he received the sister's warning. He had to catch it to fill his hungry belly.

''Tch! Where are you cute little rabbit? Don't be afraid come play with me I promise to be sweet with you, I won't hurt you.'' Eterna stopped and shouted with his hands around his mouth as if trying to make his voice heard all over the place.

And some twenty meters from his location was a trembling rabbit with mixed black fur.

'Like hell, I'll fall for this? It's what you said to others before swallowing them.'

The rabbit trembled upon recalling the fate that befell the other monster's souls captured and turned into rabbits by this devil with a child's appearance, he wouldn't fall for it.

Suddenly, Eterna brought a carrot and immediately upon seeing this carrot the rabbit's body trembled and he unconsciously began to move.

'Shit, he got me!' Thought the rabbit.


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