Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 68 - Chapter 68: Jiang Hao Makes It To The Top Ten

Chapter 68: Jiang Hao Makes It To The Top Ten
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After seeing Han Ming off, Jiang Hao walked around the Spirit Herb Garden.

The spirit beast followed him around. “Who is that?”

“A True Disciple,” said Jiang Hao. “His status is higher than mine in the sect, so don’t cause any trouble.”

“True Disciple? It’s no wonder he didn’t give me a second glance. Master, you need to work hard to elevate your status around here.”

Jiang Hao glanced at the spirit beast but didn’t respond. He had been in the mine for so long. Jiang Hao knew that the beast was just joking. By now, it knew how to act around others, especially in the sect.

“Master, why don’t you follow me? Everyone in the underworld knows that I have unlimited potential and will definitely dominate the world in the future.”

Jiang Hao ignored the beast. The beast was getting arrogant day by day. Jiang Hao only hoped that it wouldn’t cause any trouble.

He busied himself in the Spirit Herb Garden. He was once again back to collecting a few bubbles a day.

Jiang Hao missed mining. It was so easy to get bubbles in the mine.

If nothing worked, Jiang Hao had planned to do something that would get him punished and sent back to the mine. However, the mine needed to be made safe first. It would take too long..

Even other miners were being assigned jobs in other areas of the sect.

In the evening, Jiang Hao returned to his house and planned things out.

He had received news that the Heavenly Note Sect had won against the Azure Mountain. They had brought home many treasures. The battle was over.

The Heavenly Note Sect had captured many intruders and traitors. If the captives were lucky, the other sects would come to claim them. If not, they would be doomed to work in the mines forever.

Women who were captured might be taken away by the Heavenly Joy Pavilion

Jiang Hao sighed. He couldn’t interfere in this matter. He had no status, no resources, and no spirit stones even to buy a saber. How could he help others when he couldn’t even help himself?

He took out the talisman manual and read it. He needed to earn more spirit stones.

Jiang Hao only had 350 spirit stones left. He still needed to buy a good saber and some good quality tea.

He opened the talisman-making manual. The first on the page was the Healing Talisman. It was similar to the Pain-Relieving Talisman but much more effective.

Few people bought the Healing Talisman, but there was always someone in need. It was good to have them handy. He would definitely find some customers for it.

A Healing Talisman wasn’t as effective as a Healing Spell, but it was useful in emergencies. For example, if someone was seriously injured and, in a state, where they couldn’t cast a Healing Spell, a Healing Talisman might just buy them some time till they were rescued.

Therefore, people in the Foundation Establishment Realm and Golden Core Realm often kept these talismans handy, especially if they were venturing outside the sect.

Jiang Hao studied the process of making such a talisman. The paper used to make these was the same as the one used in the Ten Thousand Swords Talismans. The price was half of what a Ten Thousand Swords Talisman would cost. He could only sell it for about 30 spirit stones.

“It’s a pity I didn’t make any talismans before the battle with the Azure

Mountain, ” muttered Jiang Hao. “Otherwise, I could’ve earned a lot.”

The Healing Talismans would have sold for a lot because people going out to fight would have stocked up on them. Now, there would be fewer people buying it, and they would refuse to pay more than 30 spirit stones for it.

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Hao activated the Clear and Pure Heart ability and began to study the process for making Healing Talismans.

At the Cliff of Broken Hearts, Han Ming headed to the Cliff Master, Ku Wu Chang’s house.

He looked excited. He was eager because the Cliff Master had said that all those who had contributed to the fight would be included in the Top Ten list depending on how much they had contributed. All those who made it to the list would receive a lot of rewards.

Han Ming didn’t have a hope of making it into the top ten disciple list of the sect. However, he was sure he would be in the top ten when it came to disciples from the Cliff of Broken Hearts.

He had participated in the battle from the outset, passed five trials, and killed six generals. He had made a lot of contributions.

Han Ming wasn’t the only one present in the Cliff Mater’s courtyard. There were two other disciples. A Senior Brother and a Senior Sister.

There were only nine formidable disciples in the Cliff of Broken Hearts, including him.

Han Ming greeted Jiu Wu and Fei Zhu. They waited patiently in the courtyard.

Moments later, Mu Qi arrived. He turned to the Cliff Master. “Master, the Law

Enforcement Hall has sent over the merit list with the rankings.”

He handed the list to the Cliff Master. Mu Qi then stood and waited with the other disciples.

“Senior Brother Mu, am I in the top ten?” whispered Han Ming.

Mu Qi chuckled. “I didn’t get to peek at it, but the Law Enforcement Hall recognizes your contributions, Junior Brother Han. I’m sure you’ll be in the top ten.”

Han Ming was excited, but he didn’t show it. He knew how to exercise self— control, especially among the seniors. If it was someone of lower status than him, then he could do whatever he pleased.

Han Ming would show off to Jiang Hao soon. This would work to his advantage in covering for the humiliation he had faced at Jiang Hao’s hands in the last fight.

“Hmm?” Ku Wu Chang seemed surprised.

The disciples were even more curious now. Mu Qi was the only one who looked calm. It seemed as though he knew the reason for the Cliff Master’s reaction.

“Interesting… two of the disciples from the Cliff of Broken Hearts made it to the list of top ten disciples of the sect,” said the Cliff Master. “That’s good. This means our branch will have more possibility of winning rewards during competitions.”

“Master, who are they?” asked Han Ming eagerly.

Jiu Wu and Fei Zhu were also curious.

“One is Bai Yi. He is ranked seventh,” said the Cliff Master.

Bai Yi was the first disciple of the Cliff of Broken Hearts. He was very powerful, so it wasn’t much of a surprise.

“What about the other one?” asked Fei Zhu. “Jiang Hao. He is ranked tenth.”

Han Ming was shocked to hear the name..

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